Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Pandemics as a World Issue

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The project topic is Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Pandemics as a World Issue

Turkey  -United States. Just only those two country about it. Turkey and United states.





The project is completed in 3 parts:  1. Project Topic Submission (you've already submitted).  2. Project Background Part 1.   You are provided with Part 1 directions now so you can get started and manage your time.  and 3. Proposed Solutions.     

-research the issue you picked for a topic

-Here, in Part One, you will give background of the issue (2-3 paragraphs), any data and statistics that give further depth on the issue (charts, graphs, comparisons, etc), and a discussion of the issue as a "world challenge" (examples of the negative conditions in  2-3 countries (2-3 paragraphs), and also the positive progress being made in 1-2 countries who seem to be moving forward with soluctions to address the issue (1-2 paragraphs). 

-be sure your project includes: depth of research for background information, relevant data/stastics, at least 5 cited sources (simply cut and past the websites)

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