Reflection - Explain what the phrase ‘information literacy

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We have covered a lot of ground since the beginning of the course, and you have learned a great deal about the types of information available, how to discern its credibility, and how to present it to others in a way that continues the academic discussion. 

Look back to the Unit 1 discussion and review how you responded to the part of the prompt that asked: “Explain what the phrase ‘information literacy’ means to you. What role does information literacy play in your academic life, your workplace, and your social circles?” 

· Have your ideas changed since Unit 1? 

· In your response, reflect on how this course has affected your viewpoint on information both for future academic courses and for your professional/personal life.  

· Do you feel more ‘information literate?’  How will this impact the way you address knowledge questions in the future?

If sources are used, be sure to include citations and references in APA format.

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