Ecofeminism in Third World Countries

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Ecofeminism in Third World Countries


In this assignment students will complete an annotated bibliography on their selected topic. 

Each paper should include:

· A one line header with the student's name and chosen topic

· 10 Sources (in APA format) that relate to that topic 

· Two paragraphs of annotation for each source (approximately 200-400 words). Each source should have: 

· One paragraph describing the major points of the author(s) and intended goal of the source (approximately 100-200 words)

· One paragraph that explains the connection of the source to the selected topic. Please explain how and why they matter for your topic!  (approximately 100-200 words)

· A conclusion at the end that summarizes the major themes in the sources you collected. Tell me what you learned and how the materials fit together to tell a narrative. 


TOPIC: Ecofeminism in Third World Countries


You may select the sources.

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