Critical Access - Problem statement,A specific statement of the problems

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Critical Access

APA format, in-text citation, references include( minimum 4), 3 pages

Use the Scenario to develop:

  • Problem statement. A specific statement of the problems that you intend to address in this scenario using technology solutions.
  • Scope of the HIT solution to be acquired. This includes both the technical elements of the scope and the business and clinical functional elements of the scope.
  • Stakeholders analysis including the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. This analysis includes a summary of the business and clinical system functions that the technology should address for each of the executive stakeholders.
  • Risk Analysis. A specific statement of the financial, technical, legal, ethical, and operational risks involved in introducing HIT into this setting and the feasible mitigation strategies to address these risks.


Bedford Hospital is a 25-bed hospital in rural Pennsylvania. They have recently completed the process of being designated by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) a CAH (critical access hospital). Prior to this designation they were part of a large academic health center but have since divested from that health center. As part of that agreement their current electronic health record contract, which is with Cerner Corporation as part of that medical center’s enterprise agreement, will be expiring in 24 months. Currently all aspects of Cerner’s inpatient product are implemented including documentation, orders, decision support and electronic meds administration. Cerner’s registration admissions discharge scheduling and patient identification products are also part of this agreement as are the laboratory radiology and pharmacy systems.While Bedford Hospital was part of the academic center the Cerner product suite was financially supported as part of the overall corporate structure. As part of the divestiture agreement, the academic center has agreed to support Bedford's Cerner systems in total for a 24-month period, absorbing the Cerner software and enterprise hardware costs in that timeframe. Bedford Hospital is taking financial responsibility for three IT staff and day-to-day IT costs such as networks devices email and Internet costs. The CEO and CFO of Bedford Hospital have pulled together an interdisciplinary team to examine the technology options for Bedford Hospital after this 24-month period.



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