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Manager Analysis – Due April 22

The assignment requires you to select a famous manager, research him, and then analyze his style using the theories in class.

1)    Select one famous manager.

2)    Then do extensive research on this manager.

3)    Write a description of the history you discovered in your research being sure to document.

4)    Describe trait leadership, functional leadership, and Path-Goal Situational Leadership.

5)    Apply each of those theories to the manager.

6)    Explain which theory most accurately described the manager you were analyzing based on the applied to the manager based on the information that you had.

7)    Which theory was the most difficult to apply and why?

This paper should be a minimum of 5-6 pages. It may be longer. Cite from 5-7 academic sources.  Do not quote directly from the text but put this material in your own words being sure to document. Use the APA (7the edition) format to document the websites.  Please consult the writing guidelines for the course.

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