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Question 1This woman worked for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference until she became convinced this organization was working too slowly toward the goal of black freedom.  After she left, she helped black college students organize the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

   Shirley Chisholm

 Rosa Parks

Ida B. Wells

Ella Baker

Question 2In 1963, this US president was assassinated.

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon Johnson

 Chester A. Arthur

 William McKinley

Question 3This person became the Republican nominee for president in 1964.  He was portrayed as a dangerous extremist, and he went down to disastrous defeat in 1964.  His candidacy, however, a new direction within the Republican Party.

Ronald Reagan

Henry George

Barry Goldwater

Thomas Dewey

Question 4

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After this incident in 1964, Lyndon Johnson went to Congress to ask for the money he thought the military needed to dramatically expand America’s role in Vietnam.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

 Tet Offensive

 My Lai

 Attack on the US Embassy in Saigon

 Question 5In 1963, violence erupted in this Southern city.  The police and fire department used fire hoses and police dogs to attack peaceful protesters.  In the same year, white supremacists detonated a bomb in the same city killing 4 young girls.




New Orleans

 Question 6Founded in Oakland, California in 1968 this political party represented the frustrations of many urban African Americans.  In some ways, this political party attempted to create an alternative government in Oakland that provided healthcare, food, and other services needed by Oakland’s African American population.

Black Panther Party


 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

 Question 7This Republican nominee won the presidential election of 1968.

Barry Goldwater

 Dwight Eisenhower

 Richard Nixon

 Ronald Reagan

Question 8Worried that the independence movement was pro-communist, President Eisenhower sent military aid and financial support—but not combat troops—to this nation. American involvement thus began in 1954.





Question 9This referendum in California would have allowed California homeowners to engage in racial discrimination when they sold their homes.  Though the referendum passed in 1964, it was only briefly legally enforceable as the California Supreme Court ruled that the new law violated the California state constitution.

Proposition 27

 Proposition 1

 Proposition B

 Proposition 14

 Question 10This law made it illegal for private business providing public accommodations—like restaurants and hotels—to engage in racial discrimination.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

 The Fair Deal Amendment of 1960

 The Rush Bagot Agreement of 1970

 The Interstate Commerce Law of 1968


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