COMM1011 Midterm Exam - Albert loves fashion, at a job interview

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English Midterm Assignment


Choose the BEST answer for every question. (Every question is worth 3 points) (Total: 42 pts)

1- Albert loves fashion, at a job interview the first thing that caught his attention was the interviewee`s choice of clothing. Clothing to Albert is a -------------- .

a) Salient Stimuli

b) Cognitive Complexity

c) Self-Comparison

d) None of the above

2- Antonio can keep up a conversation with people whom he considers to be intellectual and because of this Antonio sees himself as an intellectual person. This is an example of -----------

a) Salient Stimuli

b) Cognitive Complexity

c) Self-Comparison

d) None of the above

3- Stephanie has recently moved to Denver from San Francisco and she is not impressed by Denver. Stephanie knows that her friend, Sarah has recently moved from Los Angeles to Denver. Stephanie wants to see if Sarah feels the same way about Denver. What Stephanie is doing is an example of -------------- :

a) Perception Checking

b) Self-Comparison

c) Salient Stimuli

d) Cognitive Complexity

4- Mohamed is almost 40 years old, his nephew Tom is 22. Mohamed says “rad” and “dope” referring to things that he thinks are cool, appealing or interesting. Tom does not use the same terminology and instead calls cool, appealing, interesting and fun places and things “lit”. What concept is applicable in this scenario?

a) Cognitive Complexity

b) Self- Comparison

c) Cohort Effect

d) None of the above

5- In this stage/step of the perception process, most of the misunderstandings occur.

a) Selection

b) Interpretation

c) Salient Stimuli

d) Organizing

6- Diana has not gotten the job she thought she aced the interview for. While she has been looking for the reason(s) behind her failure to get the job, she has been blaming everything in her life other than herself. Diana is using ------------------- to soothe her ego.

a) Cognitive Complexity

b) Perception Checking

c) Self-Comparison

d) Self-serving bias

7- The more that one travels, the more he/she/they think(s) that there is no such a thing as wrong or right in any culture and no culture is superior to another. What concept would be applicable here?

a) Ethnocentrism

b) Ethnorelativism

c) Xenocentric

d) Ethnography

8- Chris is a New Yorker but he lives in LA. Whenever he goes back to New York to see his folks, he changes his attitude because his relaxed “LA attitude” may not suit very well with his New Yorker friends, family and acquaintances. What Chris does is -------------

a) Perception Checking

b) Ethnography

c) Impression management

d) He is just being shady!

9- If you think you can or cannot, you are probably right! This sentence is a good manifestation of which of the following concepts?

a) Impression Management

b) Ascribed Identity

c) Perception Checking

d) Self-fulfilling prophecy

10- Dean had a terrible day. He needs to feel supported and to have someone to talk to. Dean turns to his brother, Sam, for consolation. In this situation, the most appropriate style of listening that Sam could use is:

A. Action/Task-oriented listening

B. Time-oriented listening

C. People-oriented/Relational listening

D. Content-oriented listening

11- Listening is not easy due to many challenges. Which of these scenarios demonstrate one of the challenges of listening:

A. Not being able to pay attention to the speaker because your mind is on the upcoming exam

B. Not being able to listen due to excessive static on the phone

C. Not being able to listen because you are not invested in what the speaker is saying

D. All of these demonstrate challenges of listening

E. None of these demonstrate challenges of listening

12- Maria loves listening to the Republican and Democratic debates because she enjoys unpacking and fact-checking each of the candidate’s statements. Maria’s listening style would best be described as:

A. People-oriented

B. Content-oriented

C. Action-oriented

D. Time-oriented

13- Which of the following statements speak to strategies that improve listening skills:

A. Reflecting on one’s habitual listening styles

B. Identifying any poor listening habits

C. Eliminating noisy barriers

D. These are all strategies that improve listening skills

14- Active listening occurs through:

A. Verbal communication only

B. Nonverbal communication only

C. Both verbal and nonverbal communication

D. Neither verbal or nonverbal communication


Please indicate whether every statement is TRUE or FALSE. (Every statement is worth 2 point) (Total: 18 pts)

1- The context in which the process of communication takes place, plays a crucial role in the process as a whole.

2- Physiological needs and reactions could become noise in the communication process.

3- Implied meaning of a word is its denotative definition.

4- Linear model of communication lacked the important component of feedback.

5- Frankie believes that something is either completely wrong or completely right; this means that Frankie is believes in the absolutism in ethics.

6- It is important to Martha`s identity what her mother thinks of her. This is due to the fact that Martha`s mother is a “particular other” for Martha.

7- Because we are constantly picking up sound waves, listening occurs all the time.

8- Individuals can change their listening style based on the needs of the situation.

9- Individuals tend to listen to everyone equally, placing equal value on what all have to say.


Please answer the following questions with a few sentences or a paragraph. (Every question has 3 points) (Total: 24 pts)

1- How does Lingua Franca put some people at the position of privilege and marginalizes some others?

2- Compare the Transactional Model of Communication with the Linear Model. Discuss their differences and explain which model is more useful and why.

3- What is Perception Checking? How can a person perception check? Why is Perception Checking important?

4- How are Code Switching and Impression Management related to each other? Can you provide an example of how a person would use both Code Switching and Impression Management at the same time?

5- What is the difference between ethnocentrism and ethnorelativity (ethnorelativism)? Which one should we practice?

6- Explain two dimensions of nonverbal communication, and provide an example to demonstrate your understanding. Make sure you clearly indicate, through your example, how the chosen nonverbal dimensions serves to communicate a message.

7- What is active listening and what distinguishes it from simply listening?

8- Identify two barriers to listening, making it clear how they might impede good listening habits. Provide examples for both.

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