Unit 7 Discussion 1&2 - Re-read U.S. Office of Government Ethics

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Unit 7.1 DB: Does one size fit all?

Re-read U.S. Office of Government Ethics. (n.d.).  Standards of ethical conduct: Summary for executive branch employees .

Federal employees cannot use their position with the Government for their gain or the benefit of others. This includes family, friends, neighbors, and persons or organizations with which they are affiliated.

· Consider whether the standards impose reasonable restrictions on government employees for the privilege of serving the public.

· Should they apply to all public employees regardless of their position, or do they disproportionately impact certain employees and impede the Government's ability to attract and retain highly qualified individuals? Provide an example to help explain your answer.

· What changes would you make to these standards?

Unit 7.2 DB: Between bureaucracy and democracy. Inevitable tension?

Considering the many codes of ethics in place to help public administrators perform their duties, ethical lapses still occur. In Unit 5, we discussed whistleblowers and the organization's role in fomenting dissent. Here, we discuss "guerilla government" and how organizations can manage "government guerillas."

· Describe the ethical and organizational challenges faced by public sector managers confronted with government guerillas and discuss the limitations of codes of ethics to discourage ethical breaches.

· Consider the power of organizations to influence employees' ethical decision-making generally and through ethics codes.

· Provide an example from a current event that does not involve a whistleblower to help explain your position.

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