Create a clear claim and conduct preliminary research

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As a follow up to your last DQ and selected reading, create your own claim in support or opposition of the writer’s argument. In a 1000-word, develop an argument in which you support your point-of-view using varied forms of evidence. 


  • Create a clear claim and conduct preliminary research, critically examining sources 
    • Although at this stage you may not yet have all the answers to the posed problem, try to explore possible solutions 
    • Use at least two viable external sources 
  • Paraphrase, quote, and summarize as needed to avoid plagiarism
    •  But maintain ownership by selectively and briefly embedding others’ views 
  • Examine possible objections to your point of view; consider acknowledging strong points made by the opposition in at least one paragraph.
    • You cannot ‘see’ your opposition, so research opposing views 
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