CIS225 Discussion - Network troubleshooting is not only a desirable

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4.1 Discussion Network Troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is not only a desirable skill in the field, but often it's a necessity!  As a network engineer, you will be faced with numerous network issues that will need troubleshooting - ranging from a cable being unplugged to a complicated routing issue. In this discussion, you are faced with a network that is in serious need of troubleshooting - and fixing. There are quite a few network "issues" you will need to fix- some may be obvious, some not so obvious. Let's put on that "network engineer troubleshooting hat" and get to work!

Discussion Topic

Open the Packet Tracer application, and then open the following file in Packet Tracer:  Network Issues  Download Network Issues.

Using this Packet Tracer file, in your original post, respond to the following:

· What issues do you see on that network? Pick and discuss three. There are several. 

· Now that you have found the issues on the network, what needs to be done to fix them? Describe how the issues affect the network.

· Using outside resources, research common network issues and discuss at least three- be sure to include the most common "fix" for each.

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