Evaluating And Controlling Technology - Describe Digital Literacy

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Questions On Evaluating And Controlling Technology

 Answer each these questions in a paragraph with at least five sentences: Include the question and number your responses accordingly. Provide a citation for each answer.

1. Describe Digital Literacy (how to know what is real on the web). 

2. None of these people exist. What does this mean to you?

3. Why is Wikipedia more reliable than a paper encyclopedia?

4. How useful are crowd sources answers?

5. What are some drawbacks to crowd sourced answers?

6. Do people generally utilize the diversity of sources on the Internet effectively?

7. How reliant are we and how reliant should we be on getting our news from social media?

8. How do humans remain vigilant when we turn over authority to computers? Have you tried to navigate without gps?

9. If models are simplifications or reality, why do we rely on them?

10. Why was this model, used by Amazon for hiring, wrong?

11. Why did Skynet declare war on the human race?

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