CTI110 Assignment 15 - Combine HTML, PHP and SQL

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Lesson 15

Assignment 15 – Final demonstration project


· Combine HTML, PHP and SQL to create a functional web application.

· Create utility webpages:

· Timesheet Entry

· Timesheet Search

· Link utility webpages to PHP to execute code against database

· Create a landing page with links to each utility webpage AND report page from lesson 13

assignment Task Checklist

· It is expected you have read the required reading in this Lesson before starting the lab.

· Review Course Resources:

· Rules of Engagement (ROE).

· Guidance/Menu Guidance

· Submit all required files to blackboard

assignment Task Checklist

1. Review the customer requirements

Customer Requirements: The customer realized that they would like to run additional reports, and wants to begin using this tool to record their timesheets. They need a landing page with a menu for each task and two pages that allow them to record timesheets and get a report for a specific employee id. They also want you to link the previous report you made for them in Lab 13.

When the customer asks for a timesheet report, they want to enter the employee ID and receive a total number of hours recorded for that employee, as well as the employee’s name for confirmation.

They want all their pages to have a consistent banner, menu, and color scheme that is high contrast.

2. Review the example IPO below.

3. Create 3 HTML files:

a. A Landing Page

· The landing page must contain links to the other html forms, a banner with a headline with a descriptive headline

b. Time Entry Form

· An html file that contains a banner with descriptive headline

· Form allowing the user to enter an employee ID and hours worked

· Instructions for using the form

c. Timesheet Search

· An html file that contains a banner with descriptive headline

· Form allowing the user to enter an employee ID

· Instructions for using the form

4. Create 2 PHP files

a. Using Lab 13 as a guide, create two PHP files that handle the forms mentioned above

b. Time Entry PHP

· Puts _POST responses from user into variables

· Stores user input into timesheet using SQL INSERT

· Prints confirmation message on success

c. Timesheet Search PHP

· Puts _POST responses from user into variables

· Search database for timesheet entries based on provided Employee ID

· Prints table containing

d. PHP files NEED LINKS back to form entry html pages

5. Style HTML and PHP in a new style.css

a. Create a stylesheet and apply the same stylesheet to all pages using external css

b. Apply a color scheme that uses dark text on a light colored background. For headlines, reverse this color scheme, including table headings.

c. Apply padding to table data to make table more readable

6. Zip files together and submit to Blackboard after testing:

a. 3 HTML files (Landing Page, Two Forms)

b. 3 PHP files (Time Entry, Timesheet Search, Lesson 13 report)

c. CSS style sheet

Input, Processing and Output:




Variables :



Landing Page: Display welcome message and links to:

a) Timesheet Entry Form

b) Timesheet Report Form

c) Timesheet Report PHP (From Lesson 13)


Employee ID, Hours

Display Form to enter hours and employee ID and allow submission

Receive submission with PHP

Connect to database

Record hours

Report success

Prompt for Employee ID and Hours

Success or failure message

Variables :

Employee ID

Display Form to enter employee ID

Table displaying the name and number of hours worked for the selected employee



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