Assignment 5 - Website Creation, The Internet is now the preferred

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Assignment 5 – Website Creation

Purpose: The Internet is now the preferred medium for publishing and communication. No matter what field you are going into, it is essential to know how to share information on the World Wide Web. In this assignment, you will gain experience creating a web page.


First, watch the following tutorials:

Google Sites Demo

Produce a website and publish it so it can be viewed on the internet. The topic and content is up to you. Choose something that interests you or relates to your future goals. Take the opportunity to present something you already know or learn about something new. Complete the following steps:

1. Decide on a purpose / topic for your website and target users (i.e., entertainment, display a talent, instructional, motivational, sales) .

2. Use a free online website maker of your choice

1. For example:

1. Google sites (included in the Google Suite of your CSU email account)

2. Wix

3. Weebly

4. WordPress

5. Site123

6. Amazon (more complicated and manual possibly than some)

3. Your site should have at least four pages (e.g., About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us, Pictures, Projects...)

4. Include a navigation menu so a visitor can easily move from page to page

5. Include at least four different and distinct images throughout the site or on one page

1. You can use your own images or any free images and clip-art found on the Internet. Be careful to observe copyright rules. (Check out this article: Find Copyright-Free Images

2. You can use Paint or Photoshop to crop and save an image as JPEG, JPG or PNG files for the web. Saving for the web means compressing the image to smaller file size, so it will download quickly

6. Include at least 5 hyperlinks to sites that you find interesting

7. Include a form on your site

1. the form can be a registration form or email signup

2. include fields to enter at a minimum:

1. First name

2. Last name

3. Email address


5. Thank you page upon submission

8. Publish the site (while you are creating and editing a site it is typically not viewable by others.) Find out what steps you need to take to make your website public

9. Test the site and all the links from a different computer so you can be sure it works

1. Hint: give the URL address of your site to a friend so they can test

10. What to submit: the working URL to your website



10 Site has at least four pages

10 Site has a navigation menu

20 Site has at least 5 distinct hyperlinks

10 Site has at least 4 distinct images that are appropriately sized for fast loading on the web

10 Site has a form with at least five fields

15 Website functionality: all content loads without error

15 Language, no spelling or grammatical errors

10 Creativity and overall quality

100 Total

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