Effectively manage a security program

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This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

· Effectively manage a security program. [SPM 2]

· Assess the effectiveness of a security program.?[SPM 3]


Quick detection and reaction are the key to successful cybersecurity programs. Good programs focus on threat intelligence, monitoring, and alerting. There is no way to ensure hundred percent security. Security is not a product, but a process. Even after a well-designed plan and protect steps, somebody may find problems in the systems. A security product or service might be the source of the problem.

Create the Detect Section

For this assignment, create the Detect section of your report. This section addresses the following:

· Threat and program effectiveness monitoring and reporting

· Incident alerting and response planning

Detect Section Requirements

Include the following:

· Imagine that you’ve discovered a potential problem with one of the countermeasures you implemented in the previous section. It can be in any kind of countermeasure (managerial, technical, and operational). It might be detected by an external hacker or internally by an auditor

· Provide a detailed explanation of the security problem.

Submit your work as an APA-formatted Word document. 


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