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Homework 21. Write a simple program in which the value, $55, is added three times.2. Which of the following instructions is (are) illegal?I. LDAA      #500II. LDAA      #50III. LDAA      #$255IV. STAA     #50V. STAA     $50VI. LDAA     6, X3. Identify the addressing mode for each of the following.I. STAA     $2005II. LDAA     #$55III. STAA     $55IV. CLRAV. ADDA     0, X4. Show the status of C and Z flags after each of the following codes.I. LDAA     #$54   ADDA     #$C4 II. LDAA     #01    ADDA     #$FF5. Show the status of H and N flags after the following code.LDAA     #$A1ADDA     #$0F6. Define a byte-size and word-size variable starting at address $2000. Initialize both variables to $55. You should use ORG, DC.B, and DC.W directives.


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Complete attached assignments for ECET 330. For Lab use procedure as instructions then use coversheet to answer.

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Preview: RAMStart x Data xxxxxxxxxx goes here xxx ROMStartEntry:_Startup: LDAA#$7 xxxx #$8 xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Interrupt xxxxxxx *;************************************************ ORG xxxxx DC W xxxxx ; xxxxx xxxxxx IV xxx Copy and xxxxx the IDE xxxxxxxx window xxxxxxx xxx value xx A and x IV 1-C xxxx and xxxxx xxx IDE xxxxxxxx window showing xxx value of x and x xxxxx executing xxx instruction to xxx A and x $7 x xx = xxxx 1 D x Copy and xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx showing xxx machine code xx 2 A xxxx and xxxxx xxx source xxxx for adding xxxx ID numbers xxxx Entry, xxxxxxxx x export xxxxxxx symbol ABSENTRY xxxxx ; Application xxxxx point xxxxxxxx xxx $2000RAMEnd xxx $3FFFROMStart.....
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Preview: 1 xxxxxxxx :Write x simple program xx which the xxxxxx $55, xx xxxxx three xxxxx Student Answer:LDAA xxxx ADDA #$55 xxxx #$55 xxxx xxxx Instructor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #$00ADDA #$55ADDA xxxxxxxx #$55Points Received:(not xxxxxxx Comments:Question x xxxxxxxx :Which xx the following xxxxxxxxxxxx is (are) xxxxxxxxx LDAA xxxxxx xxxx #50III xxxx #$255IV STAA.....
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