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For this assignment you will assess yourself based on the 12 domains and their associated concepts in Purnell's transcultural model. In an APA format paper and Works Cited, discuss the following:

  • Overview and Heritage
  • Communication
  • Family Roles and Organization
  • Workforce Issues
  • Biocultural Ecology
  • High-Risk Health Behaviors
  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and Childbearing Practices
  • Death Rituals
  • Spirituality
  • Health-Care Practices
  • Health-Care Practitioners

For areas that you have not personally experienced (ex. Death Rituals or Pregnancy/Childbearing) discuss your family's usual practices (for example, death of a grandparent, pregnancy practices of a parent or sibling, etc). You may need to interview family members to see if your family has practiced any specific cultural practices related to any of these topics.

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