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Review the ANA Code of Ethics with interpretive statements. Select one provision that you feel you excel at. Give an example of how you have put this provision into practice. In 2-5 pages (not including reference page) address the following:

  • What provision did you select, and why?
  • Give a brief overview of the provision.
  • Give an example of at least one time that you have demonstrated this provision in your practice.
  • Give an example of at least one time that you feel you did not demonstrate this provision in your practice.
  • Discuss how you might strengthen your practice of this provision.
  • Discuss how you might help others strengthen their practice of this provision.

You should have at least one scholarly reference with in-text citation. APA formatted citations and reference page is required. For more information on APA, please visit the Online Library, which is available through the Resources tab.

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