An Outline on Croh'n disease

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Create an outline of your project (1 page). The outline should only contain topic headings and a brief description of what it will cover. See the link below for an APA formatted outline. Remember that your outline will be a guide as you write your paper to keep you on topic and organized.

Required paragraph topics include but are not limited to: the role nutrition plays in the prevention of the disease, etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diets, nursing assessment, nursing interventions, client education, and adherence. Please use library resources to find out more about Nursing Assessment, Interventions, and Client Education.

My topic is a Croh'n disease and I will provide you with most of information. Passably you will be working on the main paper as well. This is a part of course project.

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    younger generation and the disease therapies treatment can be administered ...
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