What are the differences between OUTPUTS and OUTCOMES

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Question 1 Short Essay (approximately 5 sentences):

What are the differences between OUTPUTS and OUTCOMES?

Question 2 Based on the SMART objective guidelines, what is missing from the following objective statement?

"100% of participants will demonstrate improvement in their skill test by at least 10 points".

The statement is not time-bound.

The statement is not measurable.

The statement is not specific.


Question 3 Which of the following should a grant-writer address in the strategies section of their grant proposal? (Select ALL that apply)

The start and end dates of activities

Who has responsibility for completing each activity

The organization's visionary goals; what could be accomplished if they had more time

Who will be served and how they will be identified

Question 4 Actions, behaviors, practice, and decisions are examples of which type of outcome?

Short term



Question 5 ____________ are detailed descriptions of the activities an organization will conduct to achieve the ends specified in its objectives.

Question 6 Short Essay (approximately 5 sentences):

Imagine you are the grant-writer for an arts nonprofit. You are applying for a grant to support free cultural events to be held at your gallery. What are some of the challenges that arts organizations may face when developing problem statements? What are some strategies that can be used to write the problem statement, for this arts nonprofit?

Question 7 Provide 3 examples of ways that an organization could demonstrate sustainability to a grant funder.

Question 8 True or False: Both qualitative and quantitative data can be used in program evaluation.



Question 9 True or False: Goals are measurable and time-bound statements of how grant-seekers will know if their programs are working.



Question 10 ____________ is a method used to attract funding from other sources or give an organization the tools it needs to raise other kinds of funds.

Question 11 What are some reasons an organization may decide to conduct a process evaluation? (Select ALL that apply)

A program is to new to conduct an outcome evaluation

To understand the integrity of the program process

To evaluate whether a program is in compliance with desired standards

To understand if staff work well together


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