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PHIL251 Survey of Contemporary Ethics

Week 5 Assignment

Research Paper Rough Draft

This week, you will submit a rough draft of your signature assignment to receive feedback from your instructor. For your signature assignment, you will apply ethical theory to contemporary issues in a three- to five-page research paper. Follow the steps below to get started.

Choose a current event that has moral implications (for example, universal healthcare legislation, advanced directives, vaccinations, and stem cell research).

Research the history and social context of the event.

Identify the moral relevance of the situation.

Evaluate and present the arguments surrounding the event through an unbiased approach. Apply ethical theories and moral reasoning in your evaluation.

Your rough draft must include:

An introduction that provides relevant background information

A minimum of four body paragraphs written in a neutral tone that supports both sides of the topic

A minimum of three references from reliable sources

You may include your textbook as one resource; however, one reference must be from a scholarly, academic article.

All references must be cited at least once in the paper.

A conclusion that addresses the main point of the paper and wider implications

Formatting, citations, and references must adhere to APA Style.


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