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PHIL251 Survey of Contemporary Ethics

Week 4 Discussion

Referencing the case on defining marriage  Download the case on defining marriagein your e-text, share your thoughts on the following questions:

Should marriage be open to a variety of arrangements? Why or why not?

Is there a connection between the variations of two partner marriages and polygamy?

Justify your response with specific references to the philosophical concepts discussed your assigned readings.

Defining Marriage

Maria is opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage. In a recent conversation in the school cafeteria, Maria argues, “If homosexuals are allowed to marry, then why not allow polygamy or other kinds of marriages?” Richard is gay. He responds, “That’s ridiculous. All we’re asking is that our relationships be respected by society and the law. Nobody is asking to legalize polygamy. Even the Mormons have given up on polygamy.” Maria replies, “I know the Mormon Church no longer officially approves of it. But there are still Mormons who live in polygamous families. What if some of those folks—or Muslims who live in the U.S.—want to legalize polygamy?” Richard thinks about it for a minute and then replies, “I still think you are comparing apples and oranges. Same-sex marriage is not at all like polygamous marriage. I’m talking about marriage between two and only two committed partners, not marriage of multiple partners. You can legalize the one without legalizing the other. You think that there’s a slippery slope here. But I deny it.” Maria responds, “How can you draw the line once you open the door to nontraditional marriage?”

Excerpt from E-text: MacKinnon, Barbara &Fiala, Andrew. (2018). Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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