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PHIL251 Survey of Contemporary Ethics

Week 3 Assignment

Research Paper Topic

In this class we will cover contemporary issues including:



Sexual morality


Economic justice

The death penalty

Environmental ethics

Animal research

Violence and war

Global justice

For this assignment, you will select a topic for your signature assignment (a research paper on contemporary ethics). Your topic must include at least one moral issue. You can choose one of the practical issues that will be discussed during the rest of this course or, with approval from your instructor, you can select a topic of your choice. You must submit two paragraphs in APA Style format on your topic for instructor approval. In your submission, include:

Paragraph 1:

Identify and describe your current event topic.

Explain why you are interested in writing about this topic.

Paragraph 2:

Explain the controversy and moral relevance of the situation.

Discuss any challenges that you might face or obstacles you can foresee that you will have to overcome to write about your chosen topic.


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