Week 7 - Compare and contrast the inputs and outputs of cellular

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Question 3 (Week 7 Understanding and Analyzing): Compare and contrast the inputs and outputs of cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Be sure to indicate if the processes are connected in terms of inputs or outputs i.e. do the outputs of photosynthesis input into cellular respiration and vice versa? Inputs and outputs to include in your description: ATP, ADP, glucose, pyruvate, acetyl-CoA, oxygen, water, sunlight, sugar and electron carriers such as NADH and NADPH.


Question 4 (Week 7 Applying): The reactions of the Calvin cycle used to be referred to as the "dark reactions" of photosynthesis and experimental evidence demonstrates that in the absence of light, the Calvin cycle shuts down. Why do you think this happens? Would you predict the Krebs cycle to also shut down in the absence of light? Why or why not?

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