Protein Diet, Appetite Control & Weight Loss

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Topic: Protein diet, appetite control & Weight loss: Does the science work?

This week you learned about protein catabolism, transamination and  (glucogenic and ketogenic) amino acid oxidation.You also learned about  the importance of the urea cycle in the removal of the toxic ammonia  waste product.

As you work on this assigned discussion board topic consider the following:

  • The switch from a high carbohydrate diet (as this is common in the  typical western diet) to a diet rich in proteins has long been hailed as  an effective means to achieve weight loss and as a healthier life style  choice.
  • Many well-documented studies indicate that a diet high in protein  seems to decrease food intake, body weight, and body adiposity.
  • High-protein meals and foods are thought to have a greater satiating effect than a diet high in carbohydrates or high-fat meals.
  • There is little evidence that a diet with a high protein intake has  any negative outcomes on human health. However, in recent years some  scientific studies indicated that long-term consumption of a  high-protein diet could be linked with metabolic and clinical problems,  such as loss of bone mass and renal dysfunction.

This week:

  • Please read the following scientific review article: Cuenca-Sanchez  M., Navas-Carillo D., et al. Controversies surrounding high protein  diet intake: satiating effect and kidney and bone health. Adv, Nutr.  2015 May 15;6(3):260-6.
  • Do some research on NCBI Pubmed (
  • Then engage in a discussion with your classmates addressing the following aspects:
    1. Define the term “ high-protein diet”.
    2. Which mechanism(s) has/have been proposed by scientists to explain  the modulation of satiety observed in individuals on a high protein  diet?
    3. Which hormones are discussed by the authors to be involved in the modulation of satiety in people on a high protein diet?
    4. What are known or potential detrimental effects of a high protein diet on human health? Short term? Long term?
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