In the light of the urbanization of America

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1.   In the light of the urbanization of America (pun intended), using websites (plural) or your choosing, locate information and write an in=depth submission on light pollution and the detrimental impact on wildlife.  Include information on at least three specific species that have been negatively affected.  Be sure to identify your sources. (2 page)

2.  List and write a one or two sentence summery of each of the 8 principles that should be included in good land-use planning.  

3.  Write an article review on the “Focus On” honeybees on  

4.  List and write one or two well=constructed sentences summarizing EACH of the six problems of pesticide use in agriculture discussed  

5.   List and explain the six soil conservation practices  

6.  Do research and?educate us?on the pros and cons of using organic products on your lawn, garden, or field?crops versus the pros and cons of using inorganic products.?   Is consuming foods grown organically really healthier for your body? 

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