Obesity and Diabetes - Scientific evidence linking obesity

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Blog Post on Obesity and Diabetes


For this assignment, you are asked to imagine yourself as a dietitian in a nutritional practice. As a dietitian, you are to write a blog post to share with the patients you serve. The subject of the blog post should be "How obesity has been linked to diabetes". Address the following in your Blog:

  • Scientific evidence linking obesity to diabetes translated into language a layperson can understand. (Include at least one external source to support this evidence.
  • Why the link between obesity and diabetes should matter to your patients.
  • Share at least two ways your patients can modify their diet to either avoid or manage this chronic disease.

Your blog post, which you will submit as a word document should:

  • Be visually appealing
  • Include images and/or videos
    • images should be inserted directly into the document
    • videos can be shared with a link
  • Include references for all included pictures and videos
  • Include at least two (2) external references to support your written text

Not sure how to write a blog? Check out this website for some ideas:

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