Week 5 Discussion for Business & Leadership

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Business Finance - Operations Management Homework

Week 5 discussion for Business

Next week, you will submit Assignment 2. Your research for this discussion question will be a part of that assignment. Read the Assignment 2 instructions before beginning to work on this discussion question.

Go to  The Wall Street Journal using the link in the course menu and find an article about a crisis that occurred at an organization in the last year. The organization could be in any sector and can be for-profit or not-for-profit.

Considering the course materials for this week, respond to the following:

· Describe the crisis faced by the organization and post a link to the article.

· What communication tactics did the organization use to address the crisis?

· Refer to both Jack's and Warren's guidance for dealing with crises.

· To what extent was the organization's crisis communication plan effective? If you were a senior leader in the organization, would you have responded differently? Explain.

This week and next, continue to research this crisis as you prepare for Assignment 2.




Week 5 Discussion for Leadership

Productive Conflict

Reflecting on your own professional experience, as well as what you have been reading from Lencioni, describe a time when there was damaging conflict on a team of which you were a member. This conflict may have been suppressed, not directly addressed, or it may have surfaced in a way that was destructive to team effectiveness. 

Applying material from this week, the Internet, and/or Library research, explain how the conflict could have been better managed by the team and team leader. Consider how your own conflict management style, as revealed by the TKI Assessment, played a part in this situation.

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