Week 2 Discussion - Chapter 3 of the Northouse (2019)

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Chapter 3 of the Northouse (2019) text, which introduces a skills-based leadership model, involving competencies associated with problem-solving, social judgement, and knowledge. Also read the following articles: Hammond, Clapp-Smith, and Palanski (2017), “Beyond (Just) the Workplace: A Theory of Leader Development Across Multiple Domains (Links to an external site.) ”; and Katz (1986), “Excerpts From Skills of an Effective Administrator (Links to an external site.) .”

In your initial post of at least 300 words in length and referencing at least two required sources, summarize the three competency-based components of this the skills-based leadership model as depicted in Figure 3.4 of the Northouse (2019) text. Then, use the model as a basis for analyzing the performance of a political leader who represents your city or state (not a national leader) and whom you admire. Name the leader and describe how this leader exemplifies the components of the skills-based model, providing examples you can verify through public sources such as newspapers, periodicals, websites and public records. 

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