Tiffin University Nutritional Sciences Essay

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Nutritional Sciences

*the big(general) title for the essay : Are some diets healthier than others?"

*And because the title of the essay is very wide, I must choose a path to which the essay is directed, also I can answer the search questions.

*What is the path that I suggests : The relationship of diet, and lifestyle in general * eating habits*,with weight, and diseases For example: diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease etc . , and health in general.

* key points :Examples can also be given of some types of healthy and / or unhealthy diets, and it could be related to healthy and/ or unhealthy eating habits .

*How does the type of diet and lifestyle (healthy and/ or unhealthy) affect weight gain and / or loss, It is suggested that you consider or mention how nutrients such as vitamins and minerals have a relationship to the diet (whether it is healthy or unhealthy) Which affects the person in acquiring some diseases, for example, or vice versa, prevention of them and finally how that affects our health in general.

the Required:


Its 2000 words divided to.

500 words as an introduction.

1000 words as a main body.

200 words as a discussion.

300 words as a conclusion.

Write as a second language and the language please keep it from UK style, of course without plagiarism. After submitting the article, a feedback will be issued by the doctor, and amendments will be requested from you. Amendment requests from Dr

There should be a list of reliable sources – list of references - Harvard Style

The number of sources must not be less than twenty 20 sources *if its more than 20 its better*.

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