MHA 516 Week 6: Hospital And The Jewish Community

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Wk 6, MHA 516: Hospital And The Jewish Community

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Select a health care facility or service: Hospital

Select a culture, religion or ethnicity that requires specific health care accommodations: Jewish Community

In this scenario, you are administrators at a hospital that has seen an increase in the number of patients coming in for treatment that requires specific health care accommodations. As a result, hospital staff have repeatedly asked for more training to know how to more effectively interact with these patients.

Assist hospital staff with how to best interact with these patients. Cover the following in your essay:

· Review any policies that inform on this population

· Cite any previous cases regarding the interaction between the health care industry and the culture, religion or ethnicity

· Review best practices typical for an organization that you selected.

· Identify internal resources that would be available at the organization you selected; Hospital.

· Identify organizations that can assist with the population you selected.

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