Walden NURS6600 2022 March Week 5 Discussion Latest

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NURS6600 Capstone Synthesis Practicum

Week 5 Discussion

Practicum Project Plan Review and Feedback

How is preparation for your Practicum Project progressing? What additional guidance or information would help you to refine your Practicum Project Plan?

Your Practicum Project Plan is due by Day 7 of this week. In preparation for completing the Assignment, you may use this forum to post a draft of your plan and receive support from your colleagues. This Discussion forum provides an opportunity for informal collaboration. It is not required, and you will not receive a grade for your participation.

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If you choose to participate, you may integrate useful feedback you receive to strengthen your plan prior to submitting it. Just as importantly, reviewing your colleagues’ proposals may help you to deepen your understanding of the plan components and application of scholarly writing.

To prepare for this Optional Discussion:

Review the information in the Practicum Project Plan Overview document as needed. The overview describes the elements that must be included in your plan.

Reflect on the development of your Practicum Project Plan thus far. Address any questions you have and/or identify areas in need of further consideration or improvement.

Develop any outstanding components of your Practicum Project Plan. For instance, you may need to continue your review of the literature and create your project timeline. You may wish to review the timeline table you completed for the Professional Experience Plan and update it as necessary.

Review the information on scholarly writing in this week’s Learning Resources, and integrate these principles as you develop your Practicum Project Plan.

Create a draft of your Practicum Project Plan (a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper) to share with your colleagues in this optional Discussion forum.

By Day 3

(Optional) Post a draft of your Practicum Project Plan.

Note: To provide sufficient time for review and feedback, you are encouraged to post your plan on or before Day 3.

(Optional) Review a selection of your colleagues’ plans.

By Day 6

(Optional) Respond to one or more of your colleagues using one or more of the following approaches:

Ask a probing question.

Describe the strengths of your colleague’s plan.

Share any confusion or difficulties you experienced while reviewing the plan.

Propose suggestions for improvement.

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