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NR443 RN Community Health Nursing

Week 4 Quiz  

Question 1Which community intervention is your presentation on?

**If your topic choice in Part 1 was substance use, you will present on SBIRT, if your topic choice in Part 1 was air quality, you will present on the Air Quality Flag Program.**

Air Quality Flag Program


 Question 2Have you identified the group of people you are going to present to?  If you are doing the Air Flag program, type the name of the organization. If you are doing the SBIRT presentation, type the names of the 3 practicing registered nurses. If you have not identified a group, type “No” below. 

Question 3Have you identified the date of the presentation? It should be between Saturday of Week 5 and Saturday of Week 6. Place date of presentation below. If you have not identified a date, type “No” below.

Question 4Which of the following areas of the Direct Care Project Part 2 have you completed?


Overview of Community Description, Demographic Data, Relevant Epidemiological Data

Problem Description

 SBIRT or Air Flag Program Description

 Community Resources




Speaker notes

 Converted my PowerPoint to PDF format with speaker notes visible

 I have not started my presentation yet

 Question 5In the text box, ask any questions you have regarding the Direct Care Project Part 2: Planning Your Presentation assignment. Your instructor will respond no later than Friday, 11:59 pm MT, with comments in the Grades area. If you do not have any questions, share your thoughts about this portion of the project (how it is going, is it easy or challenging, etc.)

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