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NR443 RN Community Health Nursing

Week 5 Quiz  

Question 1

Which community intervention is your presentation on?

Air Quality Flag Program


 Question 2 I will review the instructor feedback and make revisions (if needed) on my Direct Care Project Part 2: Planning the Presentation before presenting.



 Question 3 Date(s) and location(s) of presentation (between Saturday of Week 5 and Saturday of Week 6):

Question 4 I have downloaded the pre and post surveys for attendee(s) to complete. (Located in the Week 5 Implementing the Presentation module)



 Question 5I have downloaded the Direct Care Project Attendance Form and will submit with the Week 6 Part 4 Evaluation assignment. (Located in the Week 5 Implementing the Presentation module)



 Question 6In the text box, ask any questions you have regarding Part 3: Implementing the Presentation. Your instructor will respond no later than Friday, 11:59 pm MT via the comment area in the grade. If you do not have any questions, share your thoughts about this portion of the project (how it is going, is it easy or challenging, etc.)

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