Strayer PAd599 week 1 discussions

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Week 1 Discussion 1

"Public Administration and My Role" Please respond to the following: Imagine that you are applying for a position in the agency you reviewed in any of the two e-Activities. Describe the agency and the specific role for which you are applying and the challenges you see the agency facing. Explain two or three reasons you would be of value to the agency in meeting those challenges.

Week 1 Discussion 2

"Management Roles: Which Are Most Important?" Please respond to the following: Using the agency you reviewed in any of the two e-Activities, assume you have been elected to a government position (e.g., governor, county executive, mayor, or sheriff). Identify your position, select two management roles, and explain why they are the most important for the elected official you identified. (Management Roles could be figurehead, leader, monitor, disseminator, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator.)

Go to the U.S. Government Website, located at, and from the menu titled Popular Topics click on A-Z List of Agencies. Select an agency (e.g., Administration on Aging AoA). Click on the agency’s Website to find articles. Click on a menu items such as publications, articles, Press Room and / or e-News (menu selections for articles vary with agencies). Be prepared to discuss. Go to FedWorld Website, located at Top Government Websites. Review the list of Independent U.S. Federal Agencies and Commissions; review its Website and current events. Be prepared to discuss.

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