Special Education:The Principles of Education Therapy

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Special Education:The Principles of Education Therapy:

- There 3 case assignments

-create a profile for each individual client. 

-Instructions are located on the attached files


Attached Case Study Profile and reading to review cases. 


1. The Case study  of Amy: Review   Amy Case study on  page 94 

- Attached are Educational Therapy Across The Life Span Chapter 5, 

-Create Amy Profile

-   Use Levine construct and include Mccloskey's Construct for Amy Profile write-up

-attached is write-up  instructions for Amy Profile




Ficksman, M., & Adelizzi, J. U. ( 2018)The Principle of Educational Therapy learning and functioning with diversity


2. Tess Profile: Attached are Tess -Review case reading page113

Levine, M. (2003) Educational Care 2nd Edition Chapter 4

-use Levine Construct to write=up-Tess Profile.

-Attached are write-up  instructions for Tess Profile.


3. .Frank Profile: Attached are Frank case

- Review Frank case reading

-use Levine same Construct to write-up Frank profile.

  Levine, M. (2003) Educational Care 2nd Edition Chapter 4  



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