In 250-300 words, assess how the Nuremberg Laws

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In 250-300 words, assess how the Nuremberg Laws (Sources, p. 425 in 3rd edition, p. 331 in 2nd edition) dehumanize and exclude from the German nation-state the Jewish people. How does it define, control, and punish the Jewish people? What are its goals, and why?


In 250-300 words, analyze what Russian revolutionary plate ( tells us about propaganda in Communist Russia. What message was the plate meant to convey? To whom?


Blog: Decolonization
In 300 words, Compare and contrast the experiences of Vietnam, India, and South Africa as articulated by Ho Chi Minh, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Nelson Mandela (Sources, pp. 464-468 in the 3rd edition). What similarities and differences do you note? Based on your reading of the textbook, how do their sentiments reflect the processes of decolonization in these two countries?

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