Six Sigma - What type of industry would use Six Sigma

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Six Sigma

Homework assignment

Because Six Sigma requires a long-term learning curve I would soon have you know what Six Sigma is and does. So after reading the announcement above and the text I want you to in an essay form of between 1 – 2 pages to answer these 2 questions.

1. 5 Points ~ What type of industry would use Six Sigma methods that you may work for or if the firm you work for doesn’t use it, what type of firm    can you see that does use it. And how will that firm use that Six Sigma methods to increase the quality of that businesses, performance.

2. 5 Points ~ Do you plan to go on an learn Six Sigma and if you do or don’t Google the requirements to see what are the different belts and length of time it takes to achieve those certifications is you decide or not decide to learn Six Sigma planning.]

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