How the operations of HR management deal with various

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Developing Human Resources- Individual Project 1

Your culminating project in this course will be to play the role of a member of human resources (HR) management through various facets of an organization. This will allow you to experience how the operations of HR management deal with various internal or external challenges and how it affects the many operations involved in hiring, training, and maintaining employees. You may choose your current workplace, another company, or make up a company. You must also come up with a challenge or risk presented to your company that HR management must deal with effectively.

After viewing the Week 1 Live Chats and the assigned readings (text and unit resources) regarding the topic of equal employment opportunity (EEO), that addresses the following for the organization you have chosen:


Give a brief narrative (1–2 paragraphs) regarding a few important American civil rights policies from the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991.

Are women today affected by “glass ceilings,” unequal pay, and job assignments? How so?

Briefly discuss the history of sexism in the workplace from the 1960s to the present day. What workforce challenges did women face then, and what challenges do they face now?

What are the different forms of sexual harassment, and what is the employer protocol for sexual harassment complaints?

What is the HR process for providing accommodations for individual diversity in religious beliefs? What about for those with disabilities?

What is the overall importance behind the use of diversity training in today's organizations?

The debate over affirmative action has continued into the 21st century. Do you support affirmative action?

Please provide a minimum of 2 scholarly resources to support your discussion.

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