Achieving Organization Goals - Healthy Dynamics have been around

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Achieving Organization Goals


Healthy Dynamics have been around for 25 years and has a company-wide strategy in place, but the old strategy has proven to be ineffective of late in generating new ideas and revenue streams. The current plan provides wellness strategies for their clients and a commitment from the staff of Healthy Dynamics to deliver high quality, effective customer service and comprehensive wellness strategies. Currently Healthy Dynamics offer its clients the following wellness program components: smoking cessation, health risk assessment, biometric screening, nutrition education, cooking demonstration, and chronic disease prevention education.

The company is considering either a merger or acquisition to prevent bankruptcy. Both options will result in layoffs, and your department will be affected with an anticipated 80% reduction in staff. You have been assigned to produce a strategic planning model to prevent either of these possibilities. Should Healthy Dynamics take a leap and dive into other healthcare services, such as medical equipment and digital health, or add new components to their wellness program offerings to make it more comprehensive for their clients? Your first steps are to figure out where you think the company should go (vision), what you are hoping to achieve (mission), and then identify how you will move forward (objectives).


Compile a PowerPoint presentation using speaker notes and/or voiceover narration that includes:

  • A well-defined vision and mission statements that advances your winning idea to increase revenue for the future and drive business success
  • 3-4 Strategic Objectives (What action will you take to achieve the vision and mission?)
  • Follow the “Verb + Adjective + Noun” format
  • Create strategic objective statements. How will you achieve each objective “explaining the objective’s intent and meaning?” (2-3 sentences each)
  • A PowerPoint presenting a minimum of 5-6 slides (excluding title and reference slides) that include speaker notes and/or voiceover narration

 Your assignment should include a title page, a reference page, and a minimum of three scholarly sources 

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