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Company And Hunman Resource

Minimum 3 full pages (excluding title page and reference page), 3-5 pages.

Human resource management is a highly people-oriented profession. Understanding your personal values will help you to establish a personal philosophy that guides your interactions with others in a managerial, supervisory, or administrative role. Your personal philosophy is also your moral compass for practicing moral agency in your profession. This statement will also be your guide for ethical conduct. Given that some responses are subjective and will vary, points are earned primarily by your purposeful response that fully satisfies the requested item. Each numbered statement below should represent a paragraph.

1. Define ethics, morals, and values. Explain how these concepts are interrelated. Use references from a scholarly, peer-reviewed source that supports your response.

2. Describe the values that you believe are essential for the human relations professional. You will be required to include a scholarly definition of human relations.

3. Describe the top (3) values that are promoted by an organization you are affiliated with (academic, civic, or community organization). How are these values communicated? Next, compare and contrast with your personal values. How might you reconcile any tensions that might exist between your personal and your organization’s stated values?

4. How do you know if and when each value set might take priority? Give an example.

5. Describe the qualities you believe are necessary in an “ethical” leader. Provide support for your beliefs from scholarly sources and explain why a leader should show evidence of these qualities in order to be considered “ethical.”

6. Other than ethical values, what values might someone in leadership use in reaching decisions? Support your responses using scholarly sources.

7. Visit the Society of Human Resource Management’s website and review the Code of Ethics for that organization to an external site. .

Using this document as a guide, write an ethical code of conduct for the human relations profession (minimum ½ page).

Format your reflection paper in paragraph format, using APA guidelines, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font; title page, reference page. Your paper should be written in essay format. Begin the paper with an introductory paragraph that gives the purpose of the paper and briefly previews your discussion in a summative way. You should also end with a concluding paragraph that is separate from the discussion points that returns to the purpose and brings closure. A useful online style guide for APA can be found at  Links to an external site.

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