Research Analysis Paper - Weird and Compelling

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Research Analysis Paper

Research Analysis Paper #1 – Weird and Compelling!

Worth: 15 points (that’s up 5 points from the syllabus)

Goal: Write a short research paper (1 to 2 double-spaced pages) that synthesizes two scholarly journal articles on the same (or closely related) communication topic(s), in an effort to present a fresh way of understanding that topic.

Find two scholarly journal articles on the same topic:

· Your communication topic can (and perhaps even should) be the same as the one you looked at in the first two assignments

· But you must find two peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles that you have not used in a previous assignment

· Both of your articles need to include an empirical investigation (of humans or media content/text) – they should not simply be literature reviews or opinion-based essays

· Scan several articles – spread the net wide, maybe check several databases and repositories for journal articles – try not to just pick the first one on the list

· Find and include the weirdest or most outside-the-box journal article on the topic – this will add color to your paper and will keep your perspective fresh

· Find and include the most compelling journal article on the topic – this will add some thump and import to your paper and will help you “tell a good story”

Format of the paper:

· 1 to 2 double-spaced pages with in-text citations, and a source list using APA on a third page

· Give your paper a thought-provoking title that refers to the synthesis you’ve created

· Intro paragraph – introduce the topic, provide a tasty appetizer to the rest of the paper

· Body paragraph 1 – cover weird paper – summarize and include unique aspects 

· Body paragraph 2 – cover compelling paper – summarize and highlight the “ah-ha factor” 

· Body paragraph 3 – synthesize two papers and get them to talk to each other to make new meaning – this is the key to success on this assignment

· Conclusion paragraph – tell us what you just told us in the above parts of the paper

For each journal article, be sure you address the “Information You Should Record”:

· Method

· [Major] results and conclusions

· Participants and/or media content being observed

· Unique aspects of the study and/or the “ah-ha factor”

Keys to success on this paper:

· Finding two appropriate and related peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles that feature empirical investigations and synthesizing them effectively

· Formatting: a.) Closely following the prescribed structure above; b.) Proper sourcing via APA

· Creativity and color in writing – research-based writing doesn’t need to be boring; tell a story, give me that “ah-ha” moment

· Clean, crisp, and carefully edited and revised paper free from typos and writing errors

· Thoughtful and coherent coverage of “Information You Should Record”


the two articles you have to use below

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