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HW310 Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Unit 2 Assignment

Final Project Part I: Project Plan


For your final project, you will be writing a research paper on one of the CIM professions. As much as possible, you will be doing this as a participant-observer.

This semester-long project will take you into the world of complementary and integrative medicine by having you reach out to a CIM professional in Unit 2, discuss historical background and research on their specific modality in Unit 4, conduct an interview in Unit 7, and evaluate how they integrate complementary approaches with conventional medicine in Unit 9.

For Unit 2, you will complete the first part of the final project. You will be required to submit a 1-page summary discussing the process of researching CIM practitioners in your area, reaching out to them, and reporting on who you were able to make contact with. What was your initial impression of the practitioner you will be interviewing? Be sure to include what your next steps will be. For example, how will you be interviewing them? How much time will they spend with you? Will they allow you to observe them in a treatment session? Will you visit them once or can you meet with them several times?

Include appropriate references and follow the guidelines of APA formatting. For APA guidelines, refer to the following sections in the Writing Center: Writing Resources > Using Sources.

An Introduction to APA Citation

Sample APA Citations

APA Manuscript Style


1-page summary discussing the process of researching CIM practitioners

Report on initial impression of one practitioner you will be interviewing

Discussion of next steps: How will you conduct your interview? Will you be able to observe treatments? How much time will you spend meeting with them?

Include appropriate references and follow APA formatting guidelines

Submitting Your Assignment:

When you are ready to submit, select the unit assignment Dropbox. Make sure to save a copy of your submission.


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