Psychology and Social Justice - Describe your experience with the education

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Psychology and Social Justice 305

Reflection Topic 3

In this reflection paper, I would like you to consider the institution of education through the lens of critical consciousness theory. Please consider the talk by the speaker, Anindya Kundu, the data offered National Center of Education Statistics (2018; data will be discussed in class) when answering the questions below. You will also reference the assigned article by Jemal (2017) and the talk by the speaker Gerardo Calderon.

1. Describe your experience with the education system. This perspective will help you identify your positionality (i.e. the lens through which you have observed education) For example, describe the way in which your school experience was empowering and/or oppressive.

2. How might we evaluate the public education system through the lens of transformative consciousness and transformative action? Is it worth the look?

a. Describe the social problems that the current education system is perpetuating.

b. How do we know that the system, in the current form is perpetuating social problems?

3. Offer an example of a transformative critical action in the context of your experiential learning site.


*See the rubric for formatting, completeness, and organization guidelines. Please reference all of the materials mentioned above, including Jemal (2017).

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