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PitchProj1: Product/Service Ideas

As you will see in this article which you may access at, events of extreme weather conditions are being experienced in the United States and all over the world.

As creative thinkers and entrepreneurs (prospective or current) the expectation is for us to find solutions. For this semester you are tasked with finding tangible solutions for the climate/weather-related challenges you have read about. Your ideas for a product or a service must be either 1. original and has never existed or 2. innovative, which means it already exists but you will make it a better service or product. Ideas to beat the weather may have come to your minds already. Build on these ideas. You may thinking too, "Is an umbrella just an umbrella or can other features be added to make it more functional?". Your products/services created must be in response to the weather conditions/climate/extreme weather events of which the article speaks. The relationship between your product/service and the extreme events should be obvious based on the explanation or the rationale you will give, etc.

In this folder you will submit a word document where you will:

1. State the names of a 3 product/service (ideas), you may want to invent or innovate.

2. You will list your product/service ideas by names along with a brief explanation of how each works.

3. I will look at these ideas and send you feedback of "APPROVE" or "DENY."

4. VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST submit at 3 or more ideas. 

5. List each idea, it's name and explanation down the page and number each.

NOTE: Your invention idea must be something that is not yet existing. In other words, you may invent something new (that I have never heard will know if I have ever heard of it: It will be denied). You may even take an existing product and innovate on it - add some new features that it doesn't have yet. No idea is a weird idea.

You may work in a group of 3 persons or individually for this project.

This assignment is important for you to advance in the course. As you see from the Dropbox, each part builds upon the other.

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