Present Financial Planner Value

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Present Financial Planner Value

Read the information first, then Imagine you are financial planner and you have present yourself to everyone

In which we need to emphasis on how financial planners can help and why should people have financial planner

I only need 10 - 15 sentences for this assignment. (should be enough).

Assignment Description

Engaging prospective clients is one of the most important skills that a financial planner can possess. After all, without the ability to engage prospective clients, one will find it difficult to transition prospective clients into actual clients.

This assignment focuses on your ability to deliver your financial planning value proposition to motivate an individual to engage in further discussion with you so that you can both determine if you should enter into a financial planning relationship.

Assignment Requirement

A financial planner’s value proposition focuses on the financial planner’s personal brand by sharing with the prospective client why they should engage that particular financial planner.

Imagine that you have met an individual at a local professional networking event and they ask you “what do you do for a living?” Using that backdrop, present your personal and unique value proposition to the individual.

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