POST BUS523 2022 December Unit 8 Assignment Shareholder Value Latest

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BUS523 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making

Unit 8 Assignment

Shareholder Value


In previous assignments, we learned about Wicked Good Cupcake company’s beginnings and past performance. In this assignment, you will take a look at WGC once more using more current financial data that is available.


?Perform a search for up-to-date operational and financial information on WGC.

?Explain and justify your position to the following question utilizing the up-to-date financial data you found in your research.

o              Has Kevin O'Leary been successful in increasing shareholder value in this company?

Why or why not?


?Maximum of 3 pages excluding the Title and Reference pages.

?At least five resources.

?APA format, including in-text citations for referenced works.

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