POST BUS523 2022 December Unit 1 Assignment Shark Tank - Wicked Good Latest

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BUS523 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making

Unit 1 Assignment

Shark Tank - Wicked Good Cupcakes


In this assignment, we will make sense of the numbers provided and what they mean to operational managers in helping better manage their organization. We will be using the Wicked Good Cupcakes Shark Tank success story as a case study throughout the course.


What we do not see in the videos is that Kevin O'Leary asked Traci and Dani for some select financial information about Wicked Good Cupcakes. Consult the table below for the next set of questions:

                2010       2011

Net sales                $69,400 $78,200

Cost of goods sold                $45,000 $50,200

Depreciation         $5,100   $6,100

Net Income           $13,000 $14,200

Finished goods inventory   $3,900   $2,900

Accounts receivable           $5,700   $8,700

Accounts payable                $3,900   $4,400

Net fixed assets    $40,400 $48,200

Year-end cash balance        $8,600   $13,500

Ignore data that is not presented above (changes in bad debt reserves, asset sales or write-offs, no financing cash flows, etc.). From the above data answer the following:

1.During 2011 how much cash did Wicked Good Cupcakes collect from sales?

2.During 2011 what was the cost of goods produced by the company?

3.Assuming that Wicked Good Cupcakes neither sold/salvaged assets during the year, what were the capital expenses during 2011?

4.Assuming that there were no financing cash flows during 2011, using the information from above, what was Wicked Good Cupcake’s cash flow from operations in 2011?

5.Does your analysis of these selected financial data justify O’Leary’s interest and partnership in Wicked Good Cupcakes? Explain.

6.Based on the analysis above, if you were a Shark Tank investor, what would your offer be? Explain the rationale for your offer.


?All questions posed must be addressed completely.

?Include a Title and Reference page.

?APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.

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