PCB3060 - As citizens of the 21st Century it is no exaggeration

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As citizens of the 21st Century it is no exaggeration to claim that we are witnessing the ascendency of the biotechnological age. Rapid and dramatic advances in genetics have had profound impacts upon scientific, medical and environmental technologies and have radically altered the understanding of ourselves as human organisms within a global ecosystem. Such scientific progress has undoubtedly raised important ethical and often controversial issues which play significant roles in determining how we view, act and manage ourselves within an ever-changing social context catalyzed by the technologies we create. In this activity students will explore some of these polemics and develop well-informed positions within the sphere of public discourse.

You are required to write a short argumentative essay on any ONE of the genetics- based bioethical issues listed below:

1. Should public and private entities such as insurers, employers, courts, schools, adoption agencies, and the military have access to personal genetic information?

2. Does genomic sequencing help or harm minority communities?

3. Will increased access to genetic information lead society to more discrimination?

4. Is the use of fetal genetic screening unethical?

5. Should parents have to right to choose their children based on genetics?

6. Should genetic testing be performed for diseases when no treatment is available?

7. Should parents have the right to have their minor children tested for adult-onset diseases?

8. Do genetically modified foods and organisms pose a serious threat to public health and the environment?

9. Are GMOs beneficial to the development of Third World countries?

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS • Your paper MUST contain well supported arguments made on BOTH sides of the

issue you selected. The arguments should include in-text citations from scholarly articles, studies and scientific reports (e.g. using Google Scholar or MDC library databases). Avoid the overuse of quotations. The conclusion of the essay must include your own opinion (with justification) on the topic.

• Your paper should be 3 – 4 pages in length (min: 3, max: 4) typed, default- spaced (1.5) 12-pt font. A bibliography is REQUIRED in APA format and is not included in your page count. Do not add cover pages, photos, charts or diagrams to your review. This is an assessment of your original writing so please

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