Biology - A 22 year old male patient sees a doctor

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Required to write a five-paragraph on the topic outlined below. It must be type?written and printed in a legible typeface.

A 22 year old male patient sees a doctor because he is suffering from flaccid paralysis of the left side of his face. His eyelid and the corner of his mouth are drooping, and his eye constantly waters. The right side of his face seems to be unaffected. The condition came on suddenly, over the course of 24 hours. Upon interviewing the patient, the doctor discovers that he suffered from flu?like symptoms several days before, but has not experienced a rash or skin discoloration.

Question: From what condition is the patient likely suffering? What is a possible cause of his condition? What is the physiological cause of his condition? What can the doctor do for the patient?

Answer each of these questions and present any evidence for your conclusions. Present any reasonable speculation for further study based on what you have learned while researching the answer to these questions.

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