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Module 6 Discussion

Cash for Kidneys


Millions of people worldwide are living their lives with dysfunctional kidneys, many of which must undergo routine dialysis in order to survive. Dialysis, although lifesaving, is expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. And many patients would do nearly anything in order to lead a “normal” life again. Unfortunately, this has opened up an industry, which specializes in the illegal trafficking of human organs. Although Iran is the only country in which the sale of human organs is legal, many other countries do not readily enforce laws against this practice, which allows those with the means to do so to “buy” an organ for transplant. Watch this report from Newsy World to explain what’s happening in Nepal.


Part A: Existing Knowledge

After watching the video, address the first question based on your thoughts and supported by research. Include with your post the research references in APA (American Psychological Association) style format. Post your reply by Tuesday. After posting, begin your textbook reading to complete Part B and Part C.

Question: Should the sale of human organs be legal? If not, who is culpable: The buyer? The broker? The physician who harvests the organ? Or the physician who transplants the organ? Should there be any repercussions for the donor?

Part B: Applying What You Learn

For the second part of the discussion, you will apply what you have learned from the course textbook reading assignment in this module. By Thursday, create and post two separate well-crafted and well-researched questions for your classmates to answer. Each question must include at least 5 sentences of background information before your classmate questions are asked. You must start each question post with the heading “CLASSMATE QUESTION.”

Part C: Research and Respond

For the last part of the discussion, you will research and respond to two of your classmates' questions. Each response must include at least 5 sentences of well-researched information from a resource other than the course textbook.

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